Who I Am, The Imperfect But Caring Human Soul

April 26, 2010

Some people know me as James Michael and my Family name is Barnes, although I wouldn’t claim that name, because the man I got it from hasn’t been a father to me at all, My Father Bill Mobley is a true American while quiet unless he needs to be heard he’s honest hardworking and and I Love him very much, and actually wish I were more like him, I’ve tried and tried and pull myself up again to try some more, but so far haven’t really gotten anywhere in life. I haven’t tried hard enough, but I refuse to give up trying and will continue in this tiny speck of time I have on this spaceship earth.

I’m not a writer and while I’ll try to remain somewhat coherent and use proper punctuation, try to realize this is just a way to put my thoughts and feelings into words and to record what I see in the world around me, I’m also a very private person, I prefer to stay home and read and spend time with the people I love versus hanging out with anyone else, but needed an outlet and after reading several other humans blogs, realized it might be a good outlet, If you like it or feel similar to me, good if you think it’s a waste don’t read it. If it gives you some insight you may not have had good also.

I Love every man and woman on this earth, even the ones trying to force their manure on top of my head, but it doesn’t mean I as another human on this earth have to take their crap, I can walk away from and not stand under the manure they shovel, and live my life the way I want to, It’s mine given to be by the force that granted me this time here, and I’m not letting anyone else steal another minute of it without paying a price for their force upon me.

If you can’t figure out why I chose this pseudonym search google on the web and you might understand a bit better.

To Quote a Famous American:

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid It, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.”

I equate this with every life on the planet not just in my country, It is the true spirit of the human soul and applies to all whereas I stand.

Love, Peace and Prosperity on Everyone of you

Patrick Henry


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