It really saddens me to do this BUT……

June 7, 2010


Constructive Notice of Denial of Consent and NOTICE of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right


legally “must” is synonymous with ‘may’. The word must has two senses; the imperative and the directive. An imperative creates an obligation on your part. A directive describes conditions that have to be fulfilled. ‘You must breath to live.’ ‘You must come to my party through the front door.’ The first is an imperative, the second a directive.

legally “understanding” means: to stand under or to agree with. NOT: do you have comprehension of the words.

legally “application” means: To beg, plead petition, implore, entreat or request.

legally “submit” or “submission” means: To leave to another’s discretion, to bend to the will of another.

legally “registration” means: To sign over for safekeeping. Abandons complete ownership for partial.

legally “required” means: has 2 senses active and passive. active creates an obligation, passive does not. (I require a tuna sandwich. Are you obliged to give me one???)

legally “includes” limits a definition to that which is stated.

legally “otherwise” means: That which is not stated.

legally “except as otherwise allowed” means “ways allowed though not mentioned” NOT “ways previously mentioned and expressly allowed”

legally “person” means “a human being is not a person because he is a human being, but rather because rights and duties have been ascribed to him. The person is the legal subject or substance of which rights and duties are attributes.”

legally “Consent” is: An agreement to something proposed and differs from assent. Consent supposes, 1. a physical power to act; 2. a moral power of acting; 3. a serious and determined and free use of those powers. Consent is either express or implied. Express when it is given viva voce, or in writing; implied, when it is manifested by signs, actions or facts, or inaction or silence, which raise the presumption that the consent has been given.

legally “Conspiracy” means two or more people gathered together to do a criminal or unlawful act.

legally “collusion” is: where two or more persons (or business entities through their officers or other employees) enter into a deceitful agreement, usually secret, to defraud and/or gain an unfair advantage over a third party, competitors, consumers or those with whom they are negotiating. Collusion can include secret price or wage fixing, secret rebates, or pretending to be independent of each other when actually conspiring together for their joint ends. It can range from small-town shopkeepers or heirs to a grandma’s estate, to gigantic electronics companies or big league baseball team owners. (See: fraud)

legally A Statute is a legislated rule of a society given the force of LAW.

legally A Society is a group of people gathered by MUTUAL CONSENT to deliberate determine and act toward a common goal.


The so called Justice system has twisted the truth and understanding of WORDS for unlawful ends and to cheat, bilk, coerce and defraud (FIAT MONEY) money from the people for no true crimes, and is stealing their LIFE (Hours to do what we as a human born on this earth want to do, in the short time we have here.)

The FEDERAL and STATE Governments have by FRAUD and deception, TREASONOUSLY slipped the chains imposed on them by “THE CONSTITUTION” and intentionally ENSLAVED the AMERICAN people (using semantics), in collusion with international bankers owning the FEDERAL RESERVE (A Private for profit CORPORATION) Sucking their very life from them in the form of TAXES, INFLATION and STATUTES (Imaginary crimes where no crime exists) and magically creating fiat money (nothing) out of thin AIR and then having the nerve to charge interest for IT, when the interest for it was never created therefore insuring the BANKRUPTING/THROAT SLITTING of a portion of the hard-working American Peoples throats EVERY SINGLE YEAR. This is EVIL INCARNATE in it’s most Vile form.

The FEDERAL and in collusion with the STATE and INTERNATIONAL Governments are SPRAYING the MEN/WOMEN/CHILDREN of this country and other countries with for the most part unknown substances and categorically denying it. (CHEMTRAILS) (which states to me very simply you’re doing something UNLAWFUL like trying to kill the people for your own nefarious purposes, AND using OUR, The Peoples money to DO IT, and I CAN presume this because of YOUR Silence/denial, and it’s very simple to look up at the sky and see the truth.)

The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the STATE Governments in collusion with EACH OTHER by denying answering and releasing information reasonably asked for by its sovereigns, “WE THE PEOPLE” either Complicitly or Conspiratorily MURDERED over 3000 people in the WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACKS on September 11, 2001, committing a heinous act on the families/people of this country. And by allowing the EPA to say the area was safe (A LIE) for occupation murdered BY SLOW and painful death hundreds if not thousands more people, who were there to help and assist their fellow Man. And in the Act of this destroyed the Careers/Lives of True Americans in your own agency’s trying to reveal the TRUTH. In the vein of we create a problem – we get the people to react – we provide the solution (which is what WE wanted anyway.)

The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT either complicitly or conspiratorily MURDERED all the men/women/children in the Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing then MURDERED a MAN to help coverup their complicity in this heinous act. And in the Act of this destroyed the careers of The True Americans in their own agency’s trying to bring out the truth.

The AMA, FDA, U.N. and large Pharmaceutical Companies are Conspiratorily conspiring to keep true remedies (pure, natural GOD made) for disease out of the hands of American Nationals and CRIMINALLY using FEDERAL, STATE and LOCAL Law Enforcement, to ROB, TERRORIZE, PLUNDER, COERCE and even KIDNAP across borders innocent Americans trying to help their fellow man, all to protect their PROFITS another heinous and purely psychopathic behavior on behalf of our servants, another one for the I’m just doing my Job isn’t an excuse, think the NAZIS aren’t in America?

That Sherry Peel Jackson, and Ed and Elaine Brown, Et. Al have been terrorized, and their very lives stolen from them by a private non Government CRIME SYNDICATE, (IRS) (with the Department of Justice in collusion with) collecting for the FEDERAL RESERVE they never consented to exist, and have been enslaved unlawfully, unjustly, and against all common sense, and if the government can show me one Real English Dictionary that says Voluntary means “I can steal from you, coerce and terrorize you and your family at my whim.” then I’ll back off this standing, but honestly I couldn’t find that in ONE of the eight I looked in. Their fair share is WHAT THEY consent to nothing ELSE period. If you don’t like this then your just a SLAVER/NAZI using the COLOR OF LAW to commit crimes. Their money (even if it is a COMPLETE and Utter FRAUD) is THEIR life and you have NO RIGHT to DEMAND anything from ANYONE. You are JUST men born upon this Earth like they are. I read our income tax is based on voluntary compliance, NOT DISTRAINT. This is TRUE crime and Injury upon them and “WE THE PEOPLE”, and anyone enforcing this load of excrement should pay for their crimes. I Don’t agree with what Joe Stack did, but I can completely understand him. (You herd a slave into a corner and kick it long enough, it will do one of three things, 1./ Come out fighting to defend it’s life/liberty or 2./ Roll over and let you beat it to death. 3./ Crash his plane into the agency doing harm to him multiple times and for decades, truly believing it’s the only justice available. You think that because the Mainstream Criminal media broadcasts your lies, and not your crimes and treachery that WE THE PEOPLE don’t see you but WE DO and more and more are waking up EVERYDAY because of your CRIMES, the pipers bill is coming.

Certain CORPORATIONS/PEOPLE WHO OWN THEM in the “UNITED STATES” fraudulently and conspiratorily control most if not ALL of the Major media networks, therefore NOT publishing and broadcasting relevant facts/truths about, events and denying the truth about MAJOR events in US and World venues. Using the American people as Sheep/Chattel/SLAVES and keeping them asleep to the real issues that threaten their very lives.

That FEMAS main goal is to lock up and stop lawful dissent to your tyrannical overlording, and the CONCENTRATION CAMPS all over America prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt, And that a New NAZI Regime HAS reared it’s ugliness on the face of this world, IN “WE THE PEOPLES” COUNTRY.

That the BATF and other FEDERAL, STATE, COUNTY AGENTS and U.S. ARMY Elements surrounded, falsely imprisoned, enslaved, TERRORIZED and denied access to and MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD ~74 live men, women and children in WACO Texas (Whom had committed NOT a single Crime) and none of the true criminals were held to pay for their REAL crimes, and the media in collusion with them distorted the truth and outright lied about circumstances and events that lead up to the murders, denying the people of this country the truthful facts. Then the so-called Justice system proceeded to hold kangaroo courts and unlawfully enslave/falsely imprison the few whom did live and survive this travesty of JUSTICE.

That the Maricopa County Arizona, Sheriff and FBI put out a Document stating that US Citizens whom use the Constitution to protect their Rights and People Trying to Police the Police, and Quote: “- Defenders of the US Constitution against FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and UN (Super Patriots)” are labeled as Right Wing EXTREMEISTS. I hate to inform you but The Government, The police, The FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the BATF and all other Supposed POLICE agencys and the COURTS are Funded and Founded UNDER the authority of, “WE THE PEOPLE”, we have the unalienable right to POLICE any of you for unlawful activities, your fiction exists ONLY because of “WE THE PEOPLE”.

That Randy Weavers wife and child were murdered in cold blood by the US Governments agents and that this is happening with alarming regularity in the US, By combinations of the US government and even local SWAT teams Murdering and Injuring “WE THE PEOPLE” who haven’t committed any crime and getting away with it scott free, and in fact ARE PROMOTED for their CRIMES. I believe the servants have run amok. I CANNOT and WILL NOT CONSENT to having this done in my name.

That the UNITED STATES is killing innocent IRAQIS who are dying to protect their liberty from TYRANNY and killing American people all in the name of Corporate interests mainly OIL, or protecting the worthless thing known as the “DOLLAR” and soon will do the same to IRAN, for whatever criminal purposes they hide from the American people.

The Nations Fiat currency system is about to fail completely and Barack Obama was put into office so the when this occurs you can blame it on the Black Man and with all the deception and lies and flat-out fraud I see in the government, I see this as their card in the hole, I can’t stand what Obamas doing to this country, but I believe he’s being controlled from behind the scenes and I love all human life and using him to cover your own interests is just another EVIL act in the list.

That the SO CALLED national DEBT is simply a tally of EXACTLY what the (OWNERS OF the) FEDERAL RESERVE has STOLEN from the lives of the AMERICAN people, and is a TRUE AND EXACT BILL of what they owe US for their THEFT, FRAUD and DECEPTION.

The FEDERAL Government in collusion with the STATE Governments have, controlled the Education system in America to instead of putting out vibrant intelligent humans capable of good reasoning and analytical skills, to put out simple-minded slaves only capable of obeying their master. This too is Evil Beyond Comprehension. Theodore Roosevelt’s quote on patriotism woke me up quickly and vehemently, like a hammer striking the head as to whom the REAL TERRORISTS are.

Elements within the Federal Government (CIA DEFINITELY) are the main traffickers in illicit drugs in this country with the MAIN goal to make money and keep Black people down in the gutters by encouraging their use among their race then imprisoning them for the act which again 90% of the time there is NO CRIME involved, then profiting by selling bonds on their lives on the open market to make money off their enslavement. Just another heinous act committed by our servants.

The Welfare system is another rung in the same ladder as the drug traffickings main goal, keep the blacks and women down and in the gutter so you can control them. Evil Incarnate is the only thought that comes to mind.

The FEDERAL and STATE Governments in Collusion with Major Corporations have conspired to keep FREE ENERGY out of the hands of the people to line their own pockets and perpetuate their control of us all, and that such energy would be readily available to all if not for their conspiratorial efforts.

That the FEDERAL Government in conspiracy with the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION did intentionally predict, plan, request, create, and deploy the AIDS virus. The STATE Governments and Mainstream media hiding these facts from the general public, prove their complicity in this, and their objective is the culling (KILLING) of at least 9/10 ths of mankind, evidenced by the Strecker Memorandum, and the Georgia Guidestones, which while not DIRECTLY as far as I know connected, give any one with any intellect at all a presumption for some group behind this purely psychopathic behavior.

There are only Three Real Laws that need to be kept with one being the overall truth of LAW.
Initiate nor accept ANY Force. (which the GOVERNMENT does constantly)
Use NO FRAUD in your contracts. (The entire GOVERNMENTAL/JUDICIAL system is a FRAUD and criminal in fact.)
DO NO HARM to a Neighbor. (the fulfillment of all LAW) (Which the current GOVERNMENT breaks constantly and consistently)
and I WILL ALWAYS uphold these LAWS.

This is where the statement, Ignorance of the Law is NO EXCUSE, comes from Because REAL LAW is very, very simple.

I hold the truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT of the governed, that whenever ANY form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE (THATS ME!) to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its power in such form, as to them shall see most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Because I am not the WHOLE of the PEOPLE I cannot speak for the other people whom inhabit this land, but I can and WILL speak for MYSELF.

I DO NOT in any way, shape or form want destruction of government as it is necessary to a degree, to mediate disagreements between different groups of men, and avoid CHAOS but I Demand and have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to have a LAWFUL and JUST government and serve this to wake people up to what is missing in OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT.

I No longer believe the Government LOCAL, STATE or FEDERAL serves anyone but themselves in any way shape or form and ACTS only to its own ends, (while I DO KNOW that SOME People in all these agencies want truth, peace and prosperity in their lives also, as you see the government destroying their lives repeatedly, even conspiring against the Honest, Truthful elements in its own ranks to coerce/intimidate/murder them to keep their lies hidden from the people.

The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the STATE Governments colluding with them are THE REAL TERRORISTS the American people need to watch out for in this day and age, and we the people should always keep them “AT ARMS LENGTH”.

That the FEDERAL Government is conspiring to remove the RIGHT of the people to defend themselves, by trying to remove their RIGHT to own arms to defend themselves against CRIME, TYRANNY, OPPRESSION, and unlawful encroachment of their very lives. Gun Control Laws DO NOT AFFECT CRIMINALS only Law abiding people. In the very duplication of the NAZI and COMMUNIST Russia/China/Cuban/British/Austrailian encroachments upon their peoples, and will install in peaceful demonstrations against their Tyranny “AGENTS” to provoke COMBAT and further promote their CRIMINAL enterprises. It is a proven fact where the people have guns crime retreats.

That the Federal Government has usurped CHRISTS Church and ANY Church 501 (c)(3) Incorporated is a servant of THE STATE and NOT GOD, and a Harlot in Babylon. What one makes one controls.

I took an OATH to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States of America (NOT A CORPORATION, “UNITED STATES”) from all enemies foreign or DOMESTIC when I joined the NAVY and I don’t feel leaving the NAVY relieved me of that DUTY as a TRUE AMERICAN whom is free and won’t tolerate the COMMUNISTS/SOCIALISTS/NAZIS to take and destroy his familys/childrens dreams. I take dire affront that my goodwill and true intentions in joining my “AMERICAN” military was never to promote freedom or liberty for anyone but was to promote a “CORPORATE” agenda.

If I can wake up 20 people in this country it will be worth my life, to start the fire that needs to happen in this country to purge it of the evil inherent in its servants, (We’ve given infants guns and power and they THINK they own the nursery.) who believe they are Caesars. I would rather die than live one minute in THE UNITED NAZI STATES OF AMERICA. (and the government will probably accommodate me on this, because I AM STATING the TRUTH, with love honesty and compassion for my fellow man as the basis and they don’t like that.)

I’ll do this completely Peacefully and Honorably using WORDS OF RIGHT (Like MY LORD) and a Cast Iron Pot banging it in the peoples ears to wake them up from their slumber and truly educating them as to who THEY are and what they’ve not been shown or taught, but will never try to FORCE ANY MAN to believe, because it is their DUTY to look at the TRUTH/FACTS/EVIDENCE and determine if being a SLAVE to other men is in their best interest.

Our government was founded as a Constitutional Republic (REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT) not a Democracy, which is Mob Rules 51% of the people lording over the other 49%, sorry don’t want it, won’t agree to it, won’t live in it. Two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner is NOT my idea of a free civilization.

That SO CALLED “Conspiracy Theories” when proven by relevant fact/truth/evidence become Conspiracy in FACT, and no longer a THEORY at all.

Read everything, Listen to everyone, but only believe what you can verify with your own research.
– Milton William Cooper (Entrapped and MURDERED by Apache County Arizona Sheriffs and Eager Arizona Police for refusing to be a SLAVE)

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid It, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.”
– Patrick Henry

“When a well packaged web of lies has been gradually sold to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and it’s speaker a raving lunatic.”
– Dresden James

“‘Necessity’ is the plea for every infringement on human liberty; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
– William Pitt

Only the educated are free.
– Epicetus Discourses

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.
– Franklin D. Roosevelt Speech, Sept 22,1936

You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.
– Eric Hoffer

Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, these ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.
– Robert F. Kennedy

Make any law in the name of the children and the people will eagerly accept it.
– Adolph Hitler (IN Mein Kampf) …

Equality Before the Law is Mandatory and Paramount.

Consent must be freely given and can never be forced, but can be gained expressly or tacitly.

The government of the United States uses deception/fraud/coercion to gain the consent to govern.

Most people do not know we can deny our consent to be governed. Consent is ALWAYS VOLUNTARY.

I cannot in my duty to support THE LAW support any organization which uses FRAUDULENT means to generate agreements and manufacture apparent consent, and murders its people in cold blood and whitewashes its own REAL CRIMES (I was just doing my Job is NOT an EXCUSE). I am more than willing to discuss by notice or contact anything referred to in this affidavit, if you are willing to state on your full commercial liability and under affidavit, as I am (WITH TRUTH LOVE ANG JUSTICE AS THE GUIDING PRINCIPLE) and notice me with evidence as to where my standing is flawed, I WILL CHANGE MY STANDING, if I agree, as is my right you are proven BY FACTS, correct. I am a peaceful man and have a duty to TRUTH and JUSTICE, I have reams of evidence to support my standing. But you will rarely find this evidence on any of the mainstream media, which in and of itself tells much of the TRUTH.

The wording in many statutes is misleading to the point of deception.

I Love True Peace officers they have a real and positive effect on the people, and they WILL and DO put their lives on the line fighting TRUE criminals in our land and rescuing people in dangerous situations. I laud and applaud the ones who learn and know the limits of their authority like Sheriff Richard Mack and Officer Jack McLamb. Learn to be a Great Peace Officer and to follow the mandates in your oath, Read Learn and KNOW the Constitution of this once great country, instead of helping to enslave your fellow-man. Become the Loved and Revered officers of the past that YOU DESERVE AND HAVE A DUTY TO BE. You are the next to the Last line defenders of LIBERTY. I tear up every time I think of what you have been turned into by fraud and deception, and when the perpetrators of the deceit are done with you, they WILL dispose of YOU and YOUR FAMILIES also.

My written representation has one and only one form and that is “James Michael Barnes” and no other form of it, will be held to be me the Man, and I have never signed ANY oath or affirmation to the contrary. You CANNOT sign an oath or affirmation in all capital letters, as all capitals doesn’t allow a signature or oath, is completely against the rules of english grammar and all capitals represents a dead person, a corporation or a slave. look up Capita Diminutio Maxima for proof, or the Rules of written english, My representation will always be a mix of capitals, non-capital letters (Christian Representation) and signed by my living hand. A Printed or typed representation will NEVER be ALL CAPITALS, sorry no more fraud or deceit for me.

I Am not nor have ever been a 14th Amendment UNITED STATES Citizen, but am an American National and foreign to “THE DISTRICT” and “THE STATE” as I was born in this land and have the right to exist here peacefully and with ALL NATURAL/unalienable rights, unimpaired. I hereby unequivocally Null and Void ANY and EVERY document ever from the date I was Born upon this Earth, signed or signed for me under Deception/Fraud including but not limited to, social security , drivers licenses, ALL “STATE” or “FEDERAL” COURT DOCUMENTS, and ANY document WHATSOEVER not signed in a FULLY DISCLOSED Two party contract.

Be it known, that I, James Michael of the Family Barnes, as of ___________________ do hereby DENY consent to be governed by any and all parties.

No statutes can be deemed to apply to me, for they are the product of a governing body, one that I do not consent to.

I will not pay any taxes that you do not have a full affidavit of me agreeing to it with a wet signature and thumbprint, for the collection of taxes is a function of government and with my denial of consent, I free myself of any association with all governing bodies, and you have NO RIGHT to steal MY LIFE without my consent. I DENY any responsibility with the “UNITED STATES” for THEIR BANKRUPTCY. Let THEM reap what they sowed.

I acknowledge I give up certain benefits and legal rights, but assent to lawful duty.

To Exercise all my natural/inalienable rights and honor all mens rights to the same.

To live with Love, Understanding, Compassion, and TRUTH with all my fellow-men on this earth, that will allow it. Even the ones perpetrating this fraud on all of us.

Until Honor, Justice, Truth, Compassion, and Right return to this country and courts, I intend to work toward that goal, I see it as a necessary DUTY in my life and one that I cannot forego and that GOD requires of ME.

TO Non Interaction with ANY Government Agents whom haven’t directly observed me breach the Peace, or have a True Warrant with sworn and attested to affidavit of injury with nature and cause of the injury from a live human man or woman whom I have personally done injury with malicious intent, and AT ALL TIMES restrict them to their Constitutional BOX, and keep them AT ARMS LENGTH or they are committing a TORT on my life which I can determine the value (CONTRACT) of and collect upon in ANY Court (or through Notary Action) in the land. (For any FORCE laid upon me, mental or physical) Once served this document it becomes a valid contract agreed to by all parties involved, IF VIOLATED in any way shape or form.

That if I am Killed or Die or Injured under ANY circumstances for ANY reason while held by ANY Government Agency, The Agency which is kidnapping/holding/seizing/arresting or interacting with me at the Time will Pay EVERY MEMBER of my family (The Family member will have a copy of this assigned to them with my signature/thumbprint and their nature and relation to me stated.) 5,000,000 Troy ounces of Gold .99 fine or equivalent in other precious metals readily tradable on the open market. My Life is worth alot to me and the ones I Love and whom Love me Back.

That my written representation has one form and one Form ONLY: “James Michael Barnes”, No other form applys to me the living flesh and blood Man. I am not nor have EVER been back to my creation on this Earth Surety for any legal “ficticious” entity, and anyone stating otherwise is using a FRAUD of concealment and subject to criminal liability for their lies.

Not to have to wade through the MOUNTAINOUS PILES OF EXCREMENT that legislators/lawyers/judges create with their “words of art” lies/deception to execute my Liberty, they are their words let them abide by them, and live within the words they create. I AM NOT nor have ever been a member of THEIR SOCIETY.

To record by any means ANY interaction, with ANY MAN/Government Official, for the purpose of a record of the truth of the matter and the gathering of evidence to support the TRUTH, (which is my DUTY) and that this and ALL information will always be admissible in ANY court actions involving myself. No denying the truth and all of it I know to be told. (sorry we need all truth known to determine what is RIGHT not selected by Judges/Attorneys to hide the REAL truth.) And I reserve the right to walk out of unhindered ANY action where this DUTY to truth is denied.

That any Jury involved with ANY action involving me AT ALL, WILL JUDGE the FACTS and THE LAW, and be the FOURTH tier of government they were intended to be.

That By denying representation I also deny anyone the use of any monies/debts held in trust in my “persons” name “JAMES MICHAEL BARNES” . I won’t allow monies held in my “persons” name to be used to commit crimes on the people of this nation or the world, anyone caught using such funds in any form, way or manner, without my EXPRESS WRITTEN AFFIDAVIT and thumbprint automatically agrees to a 25 year prison sentence without possibility of parole, and to pay me ten times the amount fraudulently used in Gold or precious metals tradable on the open market.

That If ANY INTERNATIONAL/FEDERAL/STATE/LOCAL Government agent violates ANY of these rights this document becomes a full and complete legal adhesion contract, enforceable by myself or my FAMILY in ANY court in the land (or by Notary Action), If you DO NOT AGREE TO THIS CONTRACT then plain and SIMPLE….. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

These rights include but are not limited to the right to private property, the right to travel on a public roadway without a license in any conveyance I choose, the right to carry on MY private lawful business in anyway I choose, the right to choose what is and isn’t put in MY BODY without interference, the right to bear ARMS to defend MY LIFE and of those I LOVE from the Criminals I am surrounded by and the right to speak the truth I know to anyone who will listen to wake them from their slumber.

This unlike The Constitution of The United States of America IS a living document and can change over time, as circumstances dictate.

This notice/affidavit will be served directly or by registered mail to:

The man acting as: The President of the “UNITED STATES” or these “united States of America” or whatever title/jurisdiction he claims.
The Group acting as: The Congress of the “UNITED STATES” or these “united States of America” or whatever title/jurisdiction they claim.
The Group acting as: The House of Representatives of the “UNITED STATES” or these “united States of America” or whatever title/jurisdiction they claim.
The Group acting as: The Supreme Court of the “UNITED STATES” or these “united States of America” or whatever title/jurisdiction they claim.
The man acting as: The Attorney General of the “UNITED STATES” or these “united States of America” or whatever title/jurisdiction he claims.
The man acting as: The Secretary of the Treasury of the “UNITED STATES” or these “united States of America” or whatever title/jurisdiction he claims.
The man acting as: The Attorney General for Alabama state or the “STATE OF ALABAMA” or whatever title/jurisdiction he claims (where I live.)
The man acting as: The Attorney General for Florida state or the “STATE OF FLORIDA” or whatever title/jurisdiction he claims (my permanent home on this EARTH (until I return to GOD which is my true domicile) and area I was born.)
The man acting as: The Governor of Alabama state or the “STATE OF ALABAMA” or whatever title/jurisdiction he claims.
The man acting as: The Governor of Florida state or the “STATE OF FLORIDA” or whatever title/jurisdiction he claims.

Notice: Man is inclusive and includes without limitation human beings of any sex.

I NOTICE THAT: Service to principal is service to agent.

THIS NOTICE: will be served directly on ANY government agent claiming authority over ME. and will become a lawful part of ANY proceeding against MY GOD GIVEN LIBERTY and LIFE.

Without frivolity, Govern yourself accordingly.

Dated this _______ day of ____________ in the Year of our LORD _____________

Signature:_________________________________________ Sui Juris, in propria persona
“James Michael Barnes”





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