If you want a taste of some truth

February 28, 2011

You need to look up and buy a copy of and read Marc Stevens Adventures in Legal Land.
I believe to anyone whom isn’t a criminal involved in the system or not a complete idiot, you’ll see just how much so called justice is served by those criminals in black robes.
Guarantee it’ll be the best $20 fiat dollars you spend all year. You police officers who really believe you are defending so called justice and right need a copy to, so you can see just how duped you all are and used as a criminal tool. It’s an eye opener.
I will never again ever call a criminal honorable especially if he demands it just because he wears a black robe.
Sorry I don’t write that much but I don’t have alot of access to the net, I’m semi crippled from my service to this country and have no slave number so it’s hard to earn slave dollars, but you know what we live and love and respect those who deserve it and go on.
Love peace and Grace to you all.

You may want to try Will Griggs Blog Pro Libertate if your interested in liberty and love of your fellow man, he’s a bright articulate human being who isn’t asleep at the wheel.


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